Monday, November 7, 2011

Before/After: "Death Before Swine"

Today's before/after is V.K. Scott's "Death Before Swine," a mystery. Here's what V.K. says about the Blurb Doctor process:

"MeiLin was super easy to work with and had a lightning-fast turn-around time. The process was very simple, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to get a sluggish blurb moving."

Thanks, V.K., it was fun working with you! Here's the results.

Greed. Betrayal. Murder. Just another week in Diamond Alley, Arizona... 

Ben Hart is a high school chemistry teacher who thought his biggest problems were test scores and lunchroom politics. That was before he lost his job, discovered his colleague murdered, and found himself with a new assignment—catch the killer. Now, as he navigates Diamond Alley’s backstreets, his questions are no longer multiple choice: Who can he trust? Will he ever get back to a simple life of worksheets and lab reports? And will he uncover the truth before the killer slips away?

Death Before Swine is 65,000 words long, or about 260 printed pages.  

Small town high school chemistry teacher Ben Hart is just doing his job when he shows his students what happens when you mix together certain common substances: BOOM! But then someone uses that same chemical reaction to take down the statue of beloved football coach Simon Griffin. Ben's demonstration is blamed, and he loses his job.

Feeling guilty, Ben goes to apologize to his colleague Simon and discovers him murdered. The police think it's a home invasion robbery gone wrong, but Ben quickly figures out that Simon was murdered at the statue and moved. Simon's daughter wants the killer found and doesn't have faith in the police. Ben needs a job, so he takes the case. Now he's got to sort out lies from truth before the killer gets away--but the closer he gets the more danger he's in.

"Death Before Swine" is a full-length novel: 65,000 words in length or about 260 pages.

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  1. Good job on the blurb. Now I'm going to have to take a look at the novel. ;)